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All surnames Noga, Babel, Wira, Fronc, Kastner
All places Radgoszcz, Klodzko, Krosnowice, Tartakow, Zdzary
Research notes My sisters and I recently returned from a trip with Polish Origins.  We were fortunate in having Zenon as our guide.  Our first stop was in Tarnow looking for information on our maternal grandmother.  This led to the  highlight of the trip as we were able to attend Mass at our grandmother's church as well as see the baptismal font where she was baptized. All the folks we met in the little town of Radgoszcz were friendly and eager to help us connect with possible relatives . The next stop on our journey was in Krosnowice, the birthplace of our paternal grandfather.  It was so fun to realize that this staunch German would now be considered Polish. We're sure the Polish jokes he always told would stop!  It wasn't long before we discovered that the surname he was known by wasn't actually the name he was born with.  Our extended families in the states were in for a big surprise.  We can't say enough about the care we were shown throughout our adventure by Zenon.  Polish Origin not only provided the means for us to discovery the importance of our heritage but also provided the perfect opportunity for us to see the beauty Poland has to offer.