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All surnames Strzepek, Ziejor
All places Michigan, Pstragowa, Galicia, Poland, Grodzisko, Galicia, Poland
Research notes My great grandmother was Zofia(Zafia) ZIEJOR STRZEPEK b. 18JUL 1897 in Poland d. 26AUG 1989 in Detroit, MI, USA daughter of Joe ZIEJOR of Poland and Agatha ZIEJOR of Poland. Zafia immigrated to the US in 1913 according to 1930 US Census records, although I did not find any records of her at Ellis Island. Zafia was also known as Sophie or Sophia in other US Census records.

Zofia ZIEJOR married Albert STRZEPEK on 15NOV 1915 in Detroit,Wayne,MI

Albert STRZEPEK b.1894 in Poland d. JUN 1967 in Detroit, MI, USA son of Andrew STRZEPEK and Annie STRZEPEK according to US marriage records 1915. Albert also arrived in the US in 1913 according to 1930 Census.

Albert's Ellis Island records:

Wojciech STRZEPEK ship: Konigin Luise port: Bremen

Austria, Polish from Pstragowa, Galicia arrived 1 MAY 1912

(abt.17 yrs old)

Aboard the Konigin Luise that same trip:


Pstragowa, Galicia abt.27yrs


Pstragowa, Galicia abt. 1 yr.


Pstragowa, Galicia abt. 4yrs

Katarzyna STRZEPEK

Grodzisko, Galicia abt. 21yrs


Grodzisko, Galicia abt. 16yrs


I found record of only 1 other ZIEJOR in public records in Detroit, Wayne, MI, USA

Virginia JUSZCZUK married to Robert Redder

b. 19DEC 1926 d. 27SEP 1955 in Detroit, MI, USA

daughter of John JUSZCZUK and Veronica ZIEJOR

and 1 Ellis Island Passanger ZIEJOR