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Research notes I have just begun my geneology search; both of my grandparents have passed and did not have great records and my parents did not do a great job of maintaining/remembering information.  I want to make connections with more members of my family.  What I do know is that when I am either 4th or 5th generation in the United States and that  Polish Ancestor (Grandma) and a German Ancestor (Grandpa) married and came to the United States VIA New York.  I know that the last name was "Jack" or "Zac" and when they entered NY the immigration office didn't understand what they were saying and changed it to "Jock".  Not sure if the Jack/Zac/Jock is German or Polish.  I am working on Ancestery.com and I am finding branches from Germany, Poland, Prussia, and Russia.  Hoping to narrow it down a little bit more for a more difinitive history.