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All surnames Bier, Schlanger, Silverman, Zwergel, Heller, Profus, Sperber, Seidalbach, Frolich, Freilich, Plapinger, Reich, Weber, Dornfest, Einhorn, Bernstein, Herner
All places Kolbuszowa, Sokolow, Rzeszow, Radgoszcz
Research notes There are a number of different spellings associated with some of the family surnames.
Most of the ancestors were from the Galicia area; some are listed as born in "Russia" (which may have been Poland).
My research in Poland has been pretty much exhausted as these relatives lived in the small shtetls where records no longer remain. Between research acquired in the late 90's by a wonderful German woman and research that Zenon has done for me, I feel that unless there are others researching the same names with more information than I have, I will not find much more.