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All surnames Grzymala, Hereda, Sokolowski, Yorkov, Micor, Balinski, Adamsky, Krzewinski
All places Krakow, St Mary Of Cheztohowa, Slemien, Kimonv, Zalicia, Galicia, Czechowitz, Austria, Dziedzitz, Galicia
Research notes I am a second generation Polish American on both sides of my family.  I tease my husband that he got something very rare in me.....a pure breed.  Both sides of my family kept many of the traditions from the "old country," especially at the holidays.  All of my uncles, aunts & grandparents spoke Polish.  However, they used it instead of spelling when they didn't want us, the children to know what they were saying. We all attended the Polish Roman Catholic Church in our community.  My home town was very ethnic.  Churches were Polish, Italian, Syrian, Greek, etc.  I attended the Polish Catholic school.  My maternal grandfather always asked the ethic origin of any friends I talked about or brought home.  He declared to me that my husband was the only "Johnny Bull" he ever liked.  My husband is NOT English, but Welsh, Scotch & Irish.