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All surnames Cudzilo, Cudzilo, Siembida, Mowes, Dubaj
All places Wola Rafalowska, Bledowatyczynska, Rzeszow, Dabrowka, Gmina Ulanow, Nisko, Rzeszow, Poland, Lancut, Podkarpackie, Poland
Research notes I am researching the Cudziło family from Dąbrówka. My
great-grandfather arrived from there in 1907 and I have many family
member names but not how they are connected exactly. I have located some
church records for them in Kurzyna, which go back to about 1890 so I'm
looking for records that might go back further.

The Siembida family is rumored to be from "over there", meaning back
east of Dąbrówka. They were Greek Orthodox and I have less information
about them.

Regarding the Dubaj family I have less information. Stanley Dubaj
lived in Wola Rafałowska, BłędowaTyczyńska, Rzeszow around 1900 but I
haven't found parish records for them yet.