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All surnames Lobek, Lubek, Lubeck, Libek
All places Poznan
Research notes

I am interested in the origins of the family Lübek (Lubek/Lubeck/Libeck) that lived in the regions of Wołyn and Poznan. The ancestors lived in Wołyn before 1650, in Poznan (around 1700) and Wołyn (1740-1880) before returning to Poland.

I found documents going back to 1674 when ancestor Fabian Lübek was nominated Podczasy by King Jonh III Sobieski. I have been able to trace the family until him, with a lot of original documents and copies from the State Historical Archive in St Petersburg. Unfortunatly we have the document of the nomination but we do not have any document from the town of Poznan where he was Royal Cup-bearer (from 1674) and where his grandson Wawrzyniec (in 1719) was either Castelan or Podstarosta (two family documents give two different positions). I still have some documents that need translation but I am most interested in the old archives because we have no official Poznan-documents about these family members. Through such documents I hope to find more information on the ancestors of Fabian.