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All surnames Kot, Stachel
All places Warsaw, Poland, Krakow, Poland, Kalisz, Poland
Research notes Hello,

My name is Karey. I have taken on the exciting but ever so grueling task of tracing back my family's lineage on my father's side. His family immigrated over to Canada a few generations back where the family's history was very much lost. Also looking to trace the lineage on my grandmother's (My Dad's mother) side as well. Which is where my search of the Stachel family name comes in as well. My father remembers hearing talks that the Kot family name may have been changeds or shortened at some point before entering Canada. If anyone can help that would be amazing! 

And if anyone knows of correlations between possible military affiliations or such that would be great as well. My father remembers stories of his grand father serving in a possible calvary unit or close to it. I have also had recurring dreams (I know it sounds odd) of my late grand father showing me a military ammunitions box with medals and papers within, however I cannot read the papers. He also shows me an old pocket watch with an inscription relevant to the family lineage ( again cannot make out the writin g on the left inside of the pocket watch). I know these are important pieces to finally uncovering my ancestry.