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All surnames Sroka, Ziernicki
All places Poznan Posen, Brzostek, Krakow
Research notes We are researching our paternal grandfather's roots with the intention of trying to obtain a Polish passport via descent/birthright, we are told his line might be our best option with the timeline of Polish borders.

We have limited information in grandfather, but understand he was born in/around Poznan in 1908. We're having much difficulty trying to find information on him, but we do have a photocopy of this last Polish issued passport from1927, with a copy of his immigration visa for coming to America.

We also have a Polish born (1894/1895) paternal grandmother and told originally from Brzostek, Poland. We still have some maternal grandmother's relatives in Poland and USA, and hoping they can help us with some genealogy information, history, etc.

Our grandparents emigrated (separately) to the USA, our father was 1st generation American born.