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All surnames Gulinski
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Research notes My maternal grandmother was born Anna Galinska in Torun, then Thorn, in Prussia in 1873 and baptized in the Catholic Church (St. Jacob) there.

Her second marriage was to my grandfather, Wilhelm Friedrich Mueller, who was German and protestant. They married in Berlin in 1901 and a few years later moved to New Jersey, where my father was born.

My grandmother's photo album has photos of some relatives, some labeled, some not, and I have a few other photos and mementos -- nothing from after World War II. I have the names of her parents from her papers (baptism, wedding) but nothing else.

Grandma had a sister and a brother still living before the war, both in Germany. Her sister married a man named Stosik, and one of the sons, Victor Stosik, also moved to New Jersey or New York. I have had some contact with that American branch but no connections so far in Europe.

I have no idea what happened to her brother Josef Gulinski or his sons or his daughter, my grandmother's niece. One son, Kasimir, is shown in the album as deceased but I don't know when that note was made. The niece was still alive when I was growing up in the 1950s because she was mentioned and I have a (very unhelpful) letter with no envelope that she sent to my father from someplace in Europe.

I am also very curious about her first marriage, which was apparently brief. As far as I can make out from the paperwork for her second marriage, the name of her first  husband was Lewioki -- this was in Berlin so I don't know if the spelling was correct for Polish or just an approximation. From my parents' description, he was apparently landed gentry -- I know that my grandmother never learned to cook until she was married to my grandfather because it was always assumed she would have servants to do that.