Genealogy Virtual Tours


Have you ever dreamed of seeing your ancestor’s land but from various reasons you cannot visit Poland personally? We have a solution for you: PolishOrigins Genealogy Virtual Tours.

What is a Genealogy Virtual Tour?

This is a private tour we carry out for you. Based on the data you provide we visit your ancestor’s place of origin, your living family, any other places related to your ancestors or any place you would like us to visit for you. Usually, we visit villages, where your ancestors lived, cemeteries, churches, and we look for living family or oldest neighbors, who could still remember your ancestors. After the tour, you will receive a full report with all the data gathered, photos, and videos. Based on our experience we can confirm, that this is the most efficient way of finding living relatives. Personal contact will always be more fruitful than even the best letter or email. You don’t have to visit Poland to feel all those emotions – we will deliver them to you!



If you would like us to organize a Genealogy Virtual Tour for you, please contact us via our genealogy research request form and choose the “Virtual Tour” option.