These testimonials have been written and shared with us by our Tours’ and Genealogy Services’ clients. We have collected them in this place after more than a decade of providing genealogical, historical, cultural tours and genealogy services. There are a few more of them on our Google, Facebook  or TripAdvisor profiles.

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Lawrence (Genealogy Services)

February 2021

Great assistance with my genealogy research. Feedback was communicated in a timely manner. Great resource for assisting in researching genealogy in Europe.

Marie (Genealogy Services)

December 2020

I highly recommend Polish Origins Genealogy Services. They were very helpful with my research and provided new information about my relatives. Their communication was great through the process. Thank you!

Elisabeth (Genealogy Services)

December 2020

Your services in genealogy are so helpful and appreciated by folks like myself who are unable to interpret Polish, Russian and other languages. I will be requesting more assistance in the near future. Thank You.

Tom (Genealogy Services)

December 2020

PolishOrigins was wonderful to deal with and were able to find my grandfather’s birth record in Blizne, which opened the door to our search for living relatives. After which, PolishOrigins’ researcher journeyed to Blizne and found my living relatives. He took photos of their homes, which matched our photos taken some 60 years ago! He even included in his report a relative’s email address and we have developed communication including exchanging photos of our families. We can’t thank PolishOrigins enough for your excellent service. Aleksander Zawilski has been wonderful in answering all of my questions and giving us helpful information! Keep up the great work and God bless you for rendering your valuable services!

Victor (Genealogy Services)

November 2020

I have been doing my own research for almost 30 years. I ran into a blank wall with my maternal roots, with only a few tantalizing clues. Ola filled in the missing pieces. It really points to treating family “legends” with caution.

Evan (Genealogy Services)

November 2020

Communication has been excellent. All of my research objectives have been met and the research reports are clear and easy to understand. All of our options for the tour were clearly explained and well detailed.

Curt Marsolek (Genealogy Tour and Genealogy Services)

November 2020

Overall, I think you did an outstanding job. There is an old expression we use in the USA and that is: If the Queen is happy, there is peace in the kingdom. Believe me, there was peace in the kingdom and she was happy. (…) I have been to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, France and Italy and my trip to Poland has been the best, thanks to you and your staff. Hats off to all of you.

Magda was a real delight. Everything to her was “super.” She was a great interpreter and facilitator when visiting with a family of distant relatives in Byrnica. She also went out of her way to make us feel comfortable at all times. Mateusz was wonderful. He was like a walking history book. He new all of the sights to see and the history behind them. He was extremely knowledgeable in all areas.

Curt Marsolek













Brian (Genealogy Services)

October 2020

I signed up for a “Virtual Tour” and the entire process was excellent. From describing the Tour, what the costs were, and what was to received were all done quickly and clearly. Communication before and during the tour was excellent and timely. The delivery of the products and answering some follow-up questions were also done very quickly.

Thank you so much for this Virtual Tour and helping us make contact with new relatives!!

David (Genealogy Services)

September 2020

I was very satisfied with how things turned out. The reports were quite useful and helped me correct several errors that I had made in determining my Polish roots. The communication process was prompt and helpful. I am happy that I came across your genealogy service as it would have been impossible for me to have collected the information that you have provided me had I not been working with skilled researchers in Poland.

Barbara (Genealogy Services)

September 2020

I am overjoyed! Thank you very much for the research report and all additional information you forwarded to me yesterday.     

I am so grateful for the work you and your team have put into this project!

It’s been a pleasure working with you and I would have no hesitation recommending PolishOrigins.

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