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How to find the parish of my ancestors?


In this video, we are presenting you three tools that we regularly use to determine to which parish a certain village or town belonged. Some of these sources are in Polish only, but inside the video we try to guide you through each step and help you to learn how to obtain the information you need from them. We hope that thanks to our film you will be able to kick start your adventure with genealogy.




How to find the correct location of your ancestral village?


Even if you have learned the name of the town or village your ancestors came from, it still might be hard to determine where its geographical position is exactly. In some cases, there are dozens of places in Poland with the same name and they can be spread across the whole country.

We present you two tools that we use in our daily work and that can help you with this matter.



Finding your ancestors’ place in Kresy (Borderlands)


In the previous video we have talked on how to find the geographical position of the town or village of your interest. We only talked about the area of modern Poland and today we want to add a short supplemental video that will focus on its former Eastern borderlands.



How to find the archive that stores the records of your interest

(only for registered users, available for free till Sep 30, 2020)

In this video you will learn which institutions can store the vital records in Poland and how to locate the relevant archive, which will have the records from the parish of your interest. We will discuss and show you some useful functionalities of the following websites: SzukajwArchiwach, FamilySearch, Geneteka.  Thanks to this     video you might be able to find the online scans and  indexes of some records.




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