Josephine Welsch (Genealogy Tour)

Now about the gentlemen I dealt with in Poland, Mr. Michal Marciniak and Mr. Zenon Znamirowski are two of the best researchers/tour guide/translators that anyone could ever ask for. I met Michal Marciniak when I was searching in 2008 for family in Poland, He is the person who found them all. When Michal was not available for our tour he suggested Zenon Znamirowski and all turned out okay.
They are both young men age 38, married and with children. They are loyal to their wives and I am glad for that.I know about Zenon and his eating habits. He eats A LOT. I don’t know how he can put it all away and still stay slim.  I was amazed at how much he could eat at one sitting.
Michal, I do not know much about his habits, but we were treated with respect. They are two great guys. Zenon took Steve under his wing and helped him on the gravel walks and roads also the cobblestone walks.