Research in Western Galicia – history, characteristics and sources – extended

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This is a 26-minute video, loaded with historical knowledge and practical tips that will help you to explore your Galician roots. It is recorded by our colleague Aleksander Zawilski, a member of PolishOrigins team: our genealogist, research and tours manager who is working on different genealogical projects on daily basis.

What you will learn in this video:

  • What is Galicia? We discuss the partitions of Poland
  • The division into Western and Eastern Galicia
  • The history of the vital records in the Habsburg Empire
  • How to recognize if your ancestors arrived from Galicia?
  • The characteristics of the vital records in Galicia
  • Which institutions store records from Galicia?
  • We discuss the most important institutions and show how to see the list of their ressources

Apart from the that you can also download the pdf file with the presentation  that was used in the video, with historical maps, links and most important information noted.



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