Polish Genealogy Courses, Useful websites for genealogy in Russian partition

Useful websites for genealogy in the Russian partition.

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This is the second video on the genealogy in the Russian partition. In this 33-minute presentation by Aleksander Zawilski you will learn about three important pages that collect scans and indexes from the State Archives.

If your ancestors came from Mazovia, the vicinity of Lublin, Płock, Łódź or Kielce, the knowledge of these sites is crucial.
In this video, we share detailed, substantive knowledge and show some of the most important tools we use in our daily work on genealogy of our clients.

You will learn how to locate the actual scans and in some cases indexes of records, which might be important, as the documents we talk about here are mainly in old-fashioned, handwritten Russian.

Apart from the access to the video you will also receive the pdf presentation.


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