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Tastes of Poland Tour


We are sure that without thinking a lot you can give several Tastes of Poland: you know Polish kiełbasa, pierogi, maybe żurek and pączki. Well, now imagine these tastes prepared locally, from fresh ingredients, ate in Polish restaurants, accompanied with Polish local beer or other drinks?

Source: http://www.mojegotowanie.pl/przepis/pierogi-z-serem-i-szpinakiem


Based on our more than a decade experience in organizing tailor-made tours we invite you to try a new Theme Tour – Tastes of Poland Tour in the region which you are interested in most. Poland is too big and its cuisine very diverse for one itinerary to cover all culinary highlights, so just pick one or two regions that you are interested in, and we will create you the itinerary tailored to your needs and expectations.


What is Polish cuisine?


Polish cuisine is much more than these few dishes listed above: meat prepared in various ways, smoked cheese, all kinds of dumplings, gołąbki, Polish delicious soups, and cakes? Add to this local differences of regional cuisines, such as German influences in Silesia or Russian and Ukrainian tastes in Eastern part of Poland or simple and modest Górale food.

Imagine eating fresh, natural food, prepared from local, seasonal products, cooked by local people from the recipes known and passed from one generation to another.





Where can you try it?


We would like to invite you to a journey to discover the varied, local and natural tastes of Poland. We will take you not only to local Polish restaurants but also to some food markets, local producers and farmers. We would like you to try the simple, traditional food of poor people living in the villages, but also the Polish nobility cuisine served in a manor house and palaces, as well as modern restaurants creating new recipes based on the local products and historical recipes with a contemporary twist.


Especially for you, we will try to organize a cooking class in one of the villages in the region which you will want to visit. You will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of preparing the traditional Polish delights and try them. The choice of places to see is dependent on your expectations and wishes.


Are you willing to explore the traditional Podhale cuisine? Make a tour to the vineyards of Podkarpacie region? Explore the famous St. Dominik’s Fair in Gdańsk and try some fresh fish from the Baltic sea?

Maybe you wish to experience the real Polish Easter with food basket blessing and traditional Easter breakfast?

Your ideas and our experience will let us create the Tastes of Poland itinerary tailored for you.
Here you can find some more ideas of what can be visited: (blog tastes of Poland) http://blog.polishorigins.com/tag/tastes-of-poland/ 


source: http://www.kwestiasmaku.com/kuchnia_polska/wielkanoc/zurek/przepis.htm


What is included in each tour:

  • We will ensure competent, English-speaking guide for the whole tour
  • We will arrange transportation for you and your family coming with you to Poland for the whole Food Tour
  • We will find the accommodation for you and arrange all the food attractions in the region
  • We can prepare for you the sightseeing in the region combining it with Food Tour


We are ready for any challenge to make this tour an unforgettable culinary Experience.


Exemplary itinerary in Lesser Poland

See an example of Tastes of Poland itinerary in Lesser Poland including culinary attractions from Kraków, Podhale region, and Beskidy mountains. Apart from visiting the most interesting tourist attractions from the area, discover the secrets of oscypek production, see how your ancestors used to bake bread, try favorite dessert of  John Paul II  or drink one of the most popular Polish beers directly from the brewery. We will also show you the traditional food market and teach you how to make prepare some traditional Polish dishes!

See the detailed itinerary: Tastes of Kraków region Tour

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