These testimonials have been written and shared with us by our Tours’ and Genealogy Services’ clients. We have collected them in this place after more than a decade of providing genealogical, historical, cultural tours and genealogy services. There are a few more of them on our Google, Facebook  or TripAdvisor profiles.

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Michael (Genealogy Tour)  

May 2022

Zenon was great! He would bring up several ideas or suggestions for the days itinerary and let me make the final plan. I enjoyed getting to know a bit about his personal life while spending the week on a custom week genealogy tour.

Great service, would hire Polish Origins again on a future trip!


Link to Michael’s comment on the PolishOrigins Blog: https://bit.ly/3FXgO4c

Claudia (Genealogy Virtual Tour)

March 2022

I highly recommend the PolishOrigins Genealogy Virtual Tour to everyone who will not be able to visit in person. The cinematography and background music were fantastic. Your team gave me and my family a very special Christmas present by getting the Virtual Tour videos to me on Christmas Eve! I loved the great overlooks, interior and exterior of our grandparents’ churches, tombstones of our ancestors, and visit with one of my cousins and the local people of our ancestors’ hometowns. Seeing the Nativity Scene, the snow falling and the snow covering the hillsides were such an additional delight to see. My research manager, Kasia, also sent me an email with links to photos of the areas visited, the names and photos of my grandparents’ churches, and the maps of their locations. This has become a very special way to honor the legacy of my grandparents and pass it along to our family and future generations. Thank you for this once in a lifetime experience!

Andrea (Genealogy Services)

February 2022

I liked that there was a consultant assigned to my case to communicate with me. And then there was the researcher. She evidently has a regular schedule she keeps going to archives and such. I found the communication very timely.

Paul (GenealogyServices)

January 2022

Your service was excellent. You located my Polish relatives and put me in direct contact with them. You found my father’s birth place and record of birth, which is what I initially needed. I cannot thank you enough for your service.

Claudia (Genealogy Services)

October 2021

PolishOrigins has become the ideal resource for researching and learning about my four Polish grandparents!

Until I found you, I could not expand my research attempts because I only spoke English. I liked that your website is very detailed and has excellent multiple reviews. Kasia, my research manager, is phenominal! She replied quickly to my initial inquiry and every email I’ve sent her with my questions. She is so fluent in English, kept me informed of the status of my Research Reports, and offered resources that are helping me understand Polish life and the complexity of the Polish language.

My grandparents lived in different locations within Poland, so I had three different genealogists preparing my Research Reports – Daniel researched my Paternal Grandfather, Kinga did both of my Maternal Grandparents, and Ola completed my Paternal Grandmother’s. I was very impressed with how they highlighted the purpose of the research, what sources they used, gave me an overview of the results they found, included additional comments they found in the records, and let me know if they ran into any challenges.

So far, I have analyzed two of the Research Reports: Not only did they help me confirm names, hometowns, and birthdates, but they also found records of parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and two new generations in each of the reports! Some of the records even had the occupations of some of our ancestors. I was very excited to have a link to actually see a picture of the records they found! Your team truly has a passion to help us learn and understand our Polish Heritage. Thank you so much!! I highly recommend you to everyone searching for their ancestral family in Poland.


Mike (Genealogy Services)

September 2021

Very professional people to work with and I would highly recommend their service.

Linda (Genealogy Services)

June 2021

Aleksander from PolishOrigins always kept me up to date with progress of my research and was kind enough to let me know if there was to be a delay.

Once the research was gathered it was compiled in a simple to read format with additional references. The quality of the research was exceptional with links to original documents and interviews with relatives and neighbours who knew my grandfather.

Tracing a lost relative and their life and death in Poland was daunting from Australia but Aleksander made the task simple. I highly recommend the PolishOrigins team, they provide an exceptional service to families who are trying to connect with their Polish stories.

In our case our Polish story ended with the execution of my grandfather but his memory will be eternal in our family because of the research that PolishOrigins undertook. If you yearn to connect with a beloved relative trust PolishOrigins to help you, they helped my mother and I.

Steve (Genealogy Services)

February 2021

WOW! We knew literally nothing about my grandmother’s family other than her name, her parents’ names (only because I found their marriage record on a website to which you pointed me) and the names of two of her sisters. To have this much additional information in one report is incredible. I’m gobsmacked. House numbers?!? Cousins names? My grandmother had 2 other siblings? Now I know her grandparents’ names and more? It’s just incredible. And then the tantalizing possibility of learning even more and potentially finding living relatives? It’s so much more than I ever hoped for. I’ve sent the report to my dad and am eager to hear his thoughts. This is his mother and her family who he will be meeting, in a way, for the first time. And now that I know for certain that my family comes from Zalipie, I’m more interested than ever to see what I see frequently called in travel write-ups “Poland’s most beautiful village”.


See also Steve’s comment on the blog: https://polishorigins.com/blog/first-genealogy-tours-in-2022/#comment-934 .


Lawrence (Genealogy Services)

February 2021

Great assistance with my genealogy research. Feedback was communicated in a timely manner. Great resource for assisting in researching genealogy in Europe.

Marie (Genealogy Services)

December 2020

I highly recommend Polish Origins Genealogy Services. They were very helpful with my research and provided new information about my relatives. Their communication was great through the process. Thank you!

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