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Caroll (Genealogy Tour)

March 2019

Daniel Paczkowski did a superb job obtaining family history information from the residents of Mamino, Kołacki, Sadykierz, Poland, and a possible relative in Warsaw. Upon arrival in the ancestral village of my great grandparents, he quickly went to work knocking on doors. Asking the homeowners if they knew of any families living there had the family surnames being researched. Daniel was very adept in coaxing the informants to call other relatives to get their family tree and a family chronicle that might have my ancestors name listed.

Visiting Poland has been on my bucket list for a while. I am pleased that I had the opportunity to visit Poland and the ancestral villages that my family listed on their naturalization papers, death record, or on passenger lists. Daniel and PolishOrigins allowed me to have a great experience on my genealogy tour.

Joseph (Genealogy Tour)

October 2018

This was our second trip to Poland with PolishOrigins. The dates of our tour were October 2– 18, 2018. Last year we went in August. We found it less crowded during October and the weather beautiful at this time of year.

Our trip to Poland was excellent due to the outstanding work of Aga Pawlus and especially Zbigniew Stettner.


Beverly (Genealogy Tour)

October 2018

All 3 of our guides were awesome. Marek, Pawel and Zen. Each one was special.

I am excited about what I learned. It was not what I expected to find, but I’m so glad Zen helped us discover so much about my family. I only wish we had more time to dive deeper into the villages.

Every place we stayed met our expectations and my husband, Bruce, was pleasantly surprised at them all. I just loved each one for it’s own unique style.

Irek was our pick up and drop off and he was superb. He was  so helpful at the train station when we were leaving Warsaw. He even went to the platform with us to find our train and what track it was on. Our bus driver for the 10 days (George i called him) was great. Marek in Warsaw was an excellent driver. Zen was the fastest zoom zoom driver but we loved it because we are x-race car drivers.

Cathy (Genealogy Tour)

September 2018

Ula is a fantastic guide! She fulfilled my Hope’s and dreams!

Thank you for locating our grandmother’s birth record as well as her twin sister, and providing Russian translator.

We had a wonderful visit to Poland and I would like to return!

Cynthia (Genealogy Tour)

September 2018

Zenon – wonderful experience. He was prepared. He listened to my input and invited me to collaborate with the research. Zen knew how to contact people, ask the right questions, and follow up on leads. He was also an excellent interpreter – I felt very engaged with the person as he interpreted. He exceeded my expectations for the tour of the north when he was able to negotiate with a tough city clerk at the archives and eventually located a living Lelinski relative! I wasn’t expecting that!  I look forward to receiving his Tour summary with follow up details because I was not taking notes of our meetings with people.


Gerald (Genealogy Tour)

September 2018

Zbigniew was an excellent guide and we very much appreciated all he did to make this trip a success. Since we had done previous research and had early sucesseses in finding distant relatives we also had an opportunity to see a few UNESCO wooden churches and also visit Sanok.  We feel that he went over and above to help us locate any distant relatives as well as the areas where they lived.  We did find some relatives, located areas where they lived and that made this trip a huge success – better than we had expected.   We can’t thank him enough.


Penelope (Genealogy Tour)

September 2018

The communication between myself and Alexander was wonderful, I always felt fully informed about the trip and I also had input into the trip, as to what really mattered to me.

Alexander organized a meeting with my second cousin, who has hard to track down. Daniel had to interpret, as my cousin did not speak English. It was a truly special day for me, to meet my second cousin who did not know that he had relatives in Canada. There was quite a few laughs, so the day was truly entertaining and an experience for both my second cousin, my daughter and myself.


Mark (Genealogy Tour)

September 2018

Zbigniew is a very talented genealogist.  Our experience finding blood relatives in every town we searched was stunning!  We owe much of this to Zbigniew’s thoroughness and ability to work with locals in their own language.

All research was useful, valuable and has added a wonderful and complex picture to our family tree.  This was a great experience.

Wonderful service, great network and genealogy research that produces results!  Your group is amazing!

Carolyn and Dawn (Genealogy Tour)

September 2018

Joanna, Zbigniew, Mateusz, and Anna were all exceptional.  We very much appreciated the passion and knowledge of Joanna and Anna, and we were touched by the passion, knowledge, hard work, sensitivity, and tenacity of Zbigniew and Mateusz.  They are a wonderful group of people that will remain in our memories.

I could not have asked anything more of Aleksander.  All of his suggestions, such as museums to visit, (and materials to read in preparation for the trip) were most helpful.  Our trip was free of frustration thanks to his well planned itinerary and most helpful communications with me. I have nothing but praise for him.

You are all wonderful!  If all goes well, I hope to plan a second trip to Poland; it will most certainly be with PolishOrigins!

John (Genealogy Tour)

September 2018

Out guide Lucjan went above and beyond my expectations. I could not have asked or expected more from him . Likewise our guide for the morning in Lviv (Diana) provided an excellent service.

I found the burial sites of all members on mysternsl side and so experienced closure there. On my father’s side I found his birth entry at the parish level and was able to obtain a full version of his Polish birth certificate. I also met with surviving members of his immediate family that I had never met before. A wonderful reunion.


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