These testimonials have been written and shared with us by our Tours’ and Genealogy Services’ clients. We have collected them in this place after more than a decade of providing genealogical, historical, cultural tours and genealogy services. There are a few more of them on our Google, Facebook  or TripAdvisor profiles.

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Jacob (Genealogy Tour)

August 2019

I had a very good experience  with PolishOrigins. Every thing was exactly on time. The places I stayed were very clean with very good breakfasts. Above all, Zbigniev the Geneologist was super. He did a lot of research on the web and in the archives together with me and by himself and brought me much more information that I could expect. He brought me to every place I asked and brought up his ideas on places related to my family that can be of interest to me. Huge Huge recommendations.

Sara (Genealogy Tour)

July 2019

Finding answers always engenders more questions, that is the nature of genealogy research. I found going to the archive in person a fantastic experience. It would have been impossible for me to do this type of research on my own. I was in awe of the old documents sitting in front of me. Lucjan,  as you already know, is very good at research. He has an excellent memory and ability to talk to priest and archivists and locals. He is good at thinking ahead and planning the best strategy with time and access limitations. He is very positive and patient.

Marion and Don (Genealogy Tour)

June 2019

Kinga did a great job arranging places for us to search for information. She was also flexible as other information became available. Her driving was always safe and well planned out. We enjoyed her company very much.

Your prompt answers to our emails was much appreciated and we really enjoyed our tour of Krakow. The guide filled our heads with lots of information.

Knowing the driving time between locations would have been useful as we spent a good deal of time in the car.

Cindy (Genealogy Tour)

June 2019

Zbigniew was wonderful. He was good with connecting to the people in the village and getting their help. His translation helped us communicate with our newly found relatives.  He is also an excellent genealogy researcher, keeping focused and making the best use of the time to gather as much information as possible.  He was a pleasure to travel with and we learned a lot from him.

I learned more than I ever imagined and met family in both of the villages we visited.  The trip was successful beyond my wildest dreams.

John (Genealogy Tour)

June 2019

Ula and Pawel were both wonderful. They were flexible, extremely knowledgeable and were key to our wonderful trip. Keep up the good work. I don’t have anything critical to say. Ula did a particularly good job of translating when we met my cousin Jozef – he and his wife spoke very fast, non-stop and over each other. Ula handled it very well and helped make it a memorable experience. Both Pawel and Ula are passionate about their jobs, their city and their country – that made a huge difference.


Sharon (Genealogy Tour)

June 2019

Lucjan was great!  Without him we would not have had the great experience on this trip that we did in finding records in town halls and parishes.  His translation service made it possible for us to have a wonderful visit with some relatives who do not speak any English. He was patient, kind and exactly what we needed.

I can’t say enough about PolishOrigins Tours and Kasia. She followed through on contacts I gave her and set up meetings with relatives. I think we were very well informed and felt complete confidence that our trip was well organized and that help was a phone call away if needed.

Peter (Genealogy Tour)

June 2019

Mateusz went beyond my expectations of the service that would be provided to me per the tour schedule. He met me the day before the tour began for 3 hours to discuss the itinerary with a short tour of Poznan as well; provided me with a copy of the drone video and mobile video he had taken when he was able to ( photos that I could never have taken by myself); and finish time was never a factor with some nights being late.


Roman (Genealogy Tour)

May 2019

Zbigniew was a perfect match for our needs. He was able to navigate the bureaucracies of city, state and churches effectively. A wealth of knowledge on genealogy, Polish history and an effective translator in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

I was surprised in what was discovered, I was able to help and found more than was expected. fascinating watching Zbigniew work.

The preparation was excellent. You answered my initial questions in such depth and detail, I knew you were a good choice. adjusted proposal to our needs.

Very rewarding, informative, well prepared, well executed. I can’t imagine doing this without a service like yours.

Randy and Darlene (Genealogy Tour)

April 2019

Agnieszka was a wonderful guide. She was very well informed about the areas we were touring and had made it a priority to find out about the German history of this area in Poland, locating some of the old cemeteries and churches which were likely attended by the ancestors. While our time there was limited, she managed to obtain a bit of new information for us, which confirmed some information that we had and supplied some new information to follow up on now that we are home.


Lynn (Genealogy Tour)

April 2019

We were delighted with Zbigniew! He was extremely diligent, hard-working, thorough, and dedicated to helping us. I loved his gentle manner, which was perfect for getting access to records or helping us knock on strangers’ doors. And he kept track of everything with ease and delivered all the info to me after the trip in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him without a moment’s hesitation!

What we found out surpassed my expectations. We had so little to go on my grandmother’s mother’s side, that I did not think we would succeed, but we did! It will take me some time to assess everything, at which time I might have new goals, but for the moment, I am satisfied. And if I need more information, I now know where to search.

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