20. Shellie’s Tour to Ancestral Places. Back home.

My tour with Zenon ended much too soon, but we spent 7 more days in Krakow and enjoyed the medieval city and soaked up all the history there. Now I am home with my souviners, photos and memories. I’ve been reviewing my notes and genealogical information that I collected during my tour and I made some exciting discoveries.

I realized that one of the birth records that I recorded was actually the wife of my great uncle John Kanty Kadlub. I can’t wait to show it to my cousin in Erie, PA.

Another great find was the marriage record for Vincent Kulawiak and Theckla Rafacz. When I examined this information closely, I realized that Vincent was the brother of my g-g-grandfather Andreas Kulawiak. The family tree of Vincent Kulawiak and Theckla Rafacz, who emigrated to Chicago, was one the first items that I located online when I really got moving on my genealogy last year. But since the tree only moved forward toward his descendants and had no information about Vincent’s ancestors, or the name of his birthplace, I could not establish a link to my family. I am now in the process of contacting the administrator of that family tree to meet my distant cousins.

This has all been quite exciting and I am so pleased to have found PolishOrigins and Zenon. This was a trip of a lifetime and the gift of family was more than I could have hoped for from this trip. I look forward to reading more blogs from other members.

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Map of our tour. Point B is Odrowąż, point C is Lusławice.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading your tour!! Did you ever discover why your family lived in Luslawice and Odrowaz? I have learned so much from your tour an this site, it’s amazing. I hope to learn more about the villagers lives, their beliefs, customs, etc.
    The towns and countryside are so beautiful. I can’t imagine leaving your country and your family knowing you may never see them again.
    My great grandmother came to the U.S., Chicago, when she was in her 40’s – Anna Brekus/Brenkus Antolak leaving her boys behind. I guess it wasn’t ‘as scary’ going to a new country when you knew there were some type of relations or family members already there.

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