Privacy Policy – Tour Requests

By submitting the tour request/tour reservation form, you send your personal data to INPASSA Zenon Znamirowski, Bałucianka 40, 38-481 Rymanów-Zdrój, Poland, NIP 8191301336. The company owns PolishOrigins brand and is listed at number 1428 in the Polish register of tour operators.

Your personal data will be processed to an extent that is essential during the prepartions for the service, the service itself as well as used in order to enter the contract for tourism services (in accordance with the Polish Act on Tourism Services of 29 August 1997 along with later amendments )

Providing your personal data such as your first and last name, mailing address, email address as well as phone number is voluntary. Nonetheless, mind that the information is crucial in the process of preparing a tour offer and sharing this offer with you. The lack of any of the information renders making contact with you and thus preparing and sharing a tour offer impossible.

Providing your phone number enables contact both during preparations for the tour and the tour itself in case there is a need to make one. Especially when we consider the fact that our emails to you may end up in the spam folder or there is another communication breakdown due to technical issues.

Your personal data is available to the following:

  1. Inpassa Zenon Znamirowski and tour managers working with it: all information
  2. your guide (or guides) that will accompany you during the tour: first and last name, email address and phone number (the one you specify as working during the tour). Images taken during the tour (in case you accept our offer)
  3. drivers: your first and last name as well as phone number (the one you specify as working during the tour) in case there is a need to contact you  (in case you accept our offer)
  4. hotels you will be staying at during the tour: first and last name  (in case you accept our offer)

You have a right to access your personal data and correct it.

You have a right to be forgotten, that is to reverse your decision enabling Inpassa Zenon Znamirowski process your personal data and request this data to be removed. However, such a request prevents all contact from taking place. Also, mind that it renders preparing an offer as well as providing services by Inpassa Zenon Znamirowski impossible.

Activities that involve personal data processing constitute a part preparations for services provided by Inpassa Zenon Znamirowski. Submitting a request to be forgotten does not render illegal any of such activities, which might have taken place before such a request was made.

Your personal data is stored during the contract preparation, while the services are being provided and throughout the period during which you have a right to issue a complaint.

You have a right to make a complaint to a supervisory body regarding personal data processing carried out by Inpassa Zenon Znamirowski.


  1. I do not speak Polish and will need an interpreter. I am 75 years old, good health.

  2. Kathleen,

    Designated to you Tour Manager already contacted you by email in response to your tour request.

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