Lipnica Murowana

St. Leonard Church and the wooden storey houses.

Lipnica Murowana is a calm, little town, located far off of the main roads. It is about 48 km (30 miles)  southeast of Kraków. The town is mostly noted for Saint Leonard’s Church, built in the end of the 15th century. This is one of the six Wooden Churches of Southern Lesser Poland, on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites . The church is hidden in the trees, a few steps from the village center, close to the Uszwica river.

lipnica murowana
St. Leonard’s Church in Lipnica Murowana, Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

In 1997, this inconspicuous river caused serious trouble, when during a great flood, it almost swept away the church. St. Leonards church only survived by the grace of the local people, who tied the church to the surrounding trees. Because of this miracle, we can still admire this beautiful wooden masterpiece. In the interior of the church there are a few copies of the gothic triptychs, the sculptures at the rainbow wall and the polychromes.

The interior of the church in Lipnica Murowana, picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

Apart from the church, it is worthwhile to take a short walk through the town of Lipnica. On the main market square there are some old, wooden, or partially bricked storey arcade houses with their gables towards the market, built in the eighteenth century.

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