Nowy Sącz Ethnographic Park and The Galician Town

Nowy Sącz Ethnographic Park is a presentation of the architecture collected from the area surrounding Nowy Sącz.

Wooden house in Nowy Sącz Ethnographic Park. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

There are buildings of Highlanders (Górale), Lachy Sądeckie, Lemko’s (Łemkowie) and German Colonists. This minority group, also called the Galician Germans, had settled in the region at the end of 18th century, during Josef’s II (the Austrian Emperor) reforms. In the museum there is also a 17th century wooden manor house and an interesting exhibition about Carpathian Gypsies.

St. Peter and Paul Church in the museum. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

All of the buildings are beautifully arranged in the landscape, creating a replica of a village from long ago, with blooming gardens, trees and road shrines. Wandering  through the buildings, gardens and landscape is an excellent way to see the regional differences of each ethnographic group and to understand the local history better.

Not far from the Nowy Sacz Ethnographic Park is the reconstructed Galician Town. It is a little town with storey wooden houses, an old post office, a bakery, a photographer’s atelier and many other buildings.  It is the excellent way to see how the locals lived over one hundred years ago.

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Aga Pawlus
PolishOrigins Team

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