My Big Fat Polish Trip. Part 3.

Colorful Galicia

Day 5

We drove to TARNOW and visited the Gypsy (cygani) Museum. Then we drove to ZALIPIE. This village is noted for its famous painted buildings; houses, churches, dog houses, wheelbarrows, barns and so on. If you are anywhere near this village, you must see it.


The area around TARNOW has many ranches to visit or to go riding (Dude Ranches). While we were there we visited the Virgin Mary Church and  the cathedral/basilica.

Tarnów town hall
Tarnow Old Town

Day 6

Went to Krakow for the day. We visited the old market square.  Cobblestone and rocky roads were bad on Steve’s feet and my hip and legs; uphill most of the time.  In the old square we visited the Cathedral of St. Mary and  Cloth Hall which contains jewelry, dolls, toys, leather goods, a lot of gold and amber. It is a huge building. I picked up some souvenirs for family back home.  I couldn’t find any St. Jude medals. I do not think they know anything about St. Jude because when we asked, they looked at us as if to say ‘WHO’?

Kraków. Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) in the background.

Had some lunch at an outdoor restaurant, watched the pigeons, and basically looked at some of the shops.If in good health, one could stay in Krakow all day and not see everything.

On our way back to Tarnow and the ranch we stopped at a doll museum/manufacturer in Jaslo (Pilzno) but it was closed so we drove to a nearby doll museum, which was connected with the first.  It was set up like what Poland looked like in the very early years in miniature. In another section were fairy tale stories in miniature as well. Snow White, Red Riding Hood and other stories. After a full day of walking and enjoying the sights, we drove back to the ranch in Tarnow.

Doll Museum – Scenes from the book “The Peasants” by Władysław Reymont

Doll Museum. Miniature representation of the place close to each family researcher – old parish cemetery.


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