My Genealogical Quest. Habemus Papum… I mean Lithuanarum Dux!!

Excuse my Latin. That’s right, you read correctly (perhaps). Today’s update is that we now have a Lithuanian guide to accompany us on our travels. We will be using Ancestral Attic to organize our days and guide us through Lithuania. Now that one more detail is taken care of, I can concentrate on getting copies of records to our guides for their preliminary work. This means that we now have tickets, guides, and some semblance of an itinerary. That’s a good start!

A bit of interesting information: you can now use the Street View (little orange guy) on Google maps for Lithuania. For example, if you go to this link (, you’ll be standing in front of one of the churches that I will be visiting in Nemunaitis, Lithuania. Then, through Google, you can walk down the dirt roads in the countryside, stroll through town, or explore other places thousands of miles away right from the comfort of your own home. Poland is also coming around to this, but mostly just the main roads.

Thanks to everyone for all the emails and additional pieces of information that have been sent in the last week. My pile of things to research and work on before I leave keeps growing, but as Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing!” The more information I have, the better prepared I’ll be.
I’m glad that so many of you are interested in this trip and want to help and follow along. It should be quite a journey.

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