My Second Visit to Poland – Forefathers Traces Tour with James. Day 5.

Once again a good start with scrumptious breakfast. Zenon visited Włocławek Archives again and James went shopping trying to find Polish pottery. No success. Poland (at least Włocławek) is out of Polish pottery.

Wloclawek State Archives
Wloclawek State Archives

We came back to base camp, James took a nap (because shopping makes him tired) and Zenon took a short trip to a neighboring village Wołuszewo to take pictures for a lady whose ancestors lived there.

Then we had first check-mate competition. After two matches we have a draw. Tune in tomorrow for the tie-breaker.

Second match. This time James check mate.
Second match. This time James check mate.

And below two pictures from today’s dinner.



James & Zenon

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