My Second Visit to Poland – Forefathers Traces Tour with James. The Last Days.

This time this is Zenon only. James should be already back at his home in West Virginia. I am awaiting news from him about his journey back.

Because  James didn’t have Internet access from the hostel where he stayed in Warsaw (the computer was down there) we didn’t post any new articles through the weekend. We apologize for that all readers, especially the one who gave me a call asking  if everything was ok with us, because he hadn’t seen any updates in the blog :-).

So, a short update below.

On Friday, on our way back to Warsaw, we stopped for a while in Włocławek to meet again with Jozef. He had even more interesting information for James about their common ancestors. Among other things, Jozef  showed us a map with a few settlements in Włocławek where their both family houses where standing long time before! (We new the numbers of houses from other records found before by James and Jozef).  James was especially happy of the map and Polish pottery set given to him as a present by Jozef.

After this meeting we safely arrived to Warsaw. James checked in again in the same hostel he stayed before and I came back to my family to Pruszków.

James' hostel (where he stayed in in Warsaw).
James’ hostel (where he stayed in in Warsaw).

On Sunday early morning (just after 5.00 AM) I picked up James to the airport and just before 6.00 AM we said goodbye….

I know there are new plans now for his and his family arrival in Poland ;-)))). (I hope James will confirm it in writing :-)).

Most probably we will also add a few more pictures to the previous posts from James camera when he will settle in back at his own home.



I just received e-mail from James that he safely arrived back home and he is trying to answer to 1000’s of questions of his wife and daughters!

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  1. Jim,

    It was so wonderful to read about your trip, then to see the pictures you posted. I’m sure memories that will last you a lifetime. Thank you so much for sharing your blog with us. I especially enjoyed all the beautiful, buildings with their beauty looked so inviting. Thrilled you were able to go back.
    Thanks again,

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