My Trip to Poland with Zen: Day 11 – September 5, 2015.

Today I spent a great deal of the morning searching for a great gift for my niece Olivia. I had in mind a necklace made of amber for which Poland is so famous.

After shopping a bit in the Cloth Hall (see below), I went up to the Sukiennice Museum on the 2nd floor of the Cloth Hall which features great 18th Century Polish artists. A couple of my favorites are below although the images were difficult to take because flashes are not allowed.

Cloth Hall at Day …

fot2 … and Night.  This building was major center of international trade during the 15th Century.


Interior of the Cloth Hall which is used to sell souvenirs to tourists today.













On the way out of the museum, there is a balcony on the second story of the Cloth Hall that affords a wonderful view and photo opportunity of old Krakow.




For dinner I went to the Jewish quarter which features restaurants at which Klezmer music (Jewish folk music), is played.  It was fantastic and I wish I’d heard of it before.


This is what a perfect bowl of Zurek and poor handwriting looks like. Had some of this with pierogi.


Klezmer band at a restaurant in the Jewish quarter.


Later I continued the musical theme and went to a Jazz Club in a cellar from the 1400s.


Jazz Club u Muniaka.

After a couple of sets and drinks, I was off to bed.


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