October Galicia Tour. Day 8: Wieliczka Salt Mine and Ethnographic Museum

This day our group visited wonderful underground world of salt chambers and sculptures in Wieliczka Salt Mine.

>Our second proposition was The Ethnographic Museum in Krakow. Located in Kazimierz area, in the ancient town hall. The museum was renovated a few years ago, combining the old, valuable collections of traditional culture relict with modern ethnographic and anthropological perspectives.

It was a kind of the resume of our trip to Galicia and the world of our ancestor’s everyday life. The museum presents the houses interiors of different regions, Polish traditional costumes but also spiritual culture and traditional art.

Traditional clothes in Ethnographic museum in Kraków. Picture: Zenon, PolishOrigins.

Ethnographic museum in Kraków. Picture: Zenon, PolishOrigins.
Easter Eggs exhibition in Ethnographic museum. Picture: Zenon, PolishOrigins.


Wawel castle in autumn colors. A view from our hotel. Picture: Zenon, PolishOrigins.

Aga Pawlus
PolishOrigins Team

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