PolishOrigins Adventure. Part 6: My grandmother’s homeland.

Now we move to my grandmother’s homeland located northwest of Warsaw. Pelagia was born in the parish of Łęg Probostwo but for many
years the family lived within the parish of Koziebrody.


St James the Apostle Koziebrody Parish. Church used by the Cybulski family for over 50 years.
Catholic Church at Łęg Probostwo Pelagia’s parents were married here. She and her sisters were born in different villages in the area but baptized here.
Villages important to the Cybulski families

Because I had done a lot of research in the records microfilmed by the LDS Church, I already knew a good bit of information about my grandmother’s Cybulski line. The older lady in the picture, Franciszka, was married to my great, great grandfather, Jacob Cybulski. In 1907,
Franciszka’s daughter, Antonina, left her children (including my grandmother) with her parents to come to America. A few years earlier, Antonina’s husband, Jan Jaroszewski had immigrated and apparently lost touch with his wife and children in Poland. Antonina went to
America to look for him. About 1912, Franciszka wrote Antonina and told her to send passage money for her daughters as she and her husband, due to declining health, were not going to be able to continue caring for them.



Franciszka Jablonska Cybulska in front of the water wheel for their mill. She was a weaver. Little girl in her arms is my grandmother.

So in 1913 my grandmother, at the age of 15, left the village of Osiek Piaseczny and joined her mother in Brooklyn, New York. With Zenon’s help, we found that Pelagia’s grandparents were still living in the village of Osiek Piaseczny when Franciszka died in 1916 and Jacob in 1918.



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