Search for Pajak Family and 4600 miles trip to Poland. Part 2. Traveling to Poland and our first day in Krakow.


On September 4, 2015 we left the United States and headed for Krakow.
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When the three of us arrived by train in Krakow, Zenon was waiting on the platform to greet us. We were very tired and looking forward to getting some sleep. We knew after some sleep our adventure began. Sunday September 5, 2015 we awoke to start our adventure. First we attended an English Mass at Kosciol Sw. Idziego little church, 67 Grodzka Street at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle.

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After Mass we headed to Market Square to have lunch and walk around the square. Finally it was time for us to finally meet Michal Pajak, his wife Ela and their lovely children. I felt like Michal was already part of our family.
I wasn’t sure how I could possibly thank him for his hard work on finding our relatives. We made arrangements to have dinner with Michal and Ela at their house on Tuesday.
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Then Michal and Ela took us to find the tram back to our hotel. Time to rest up for our tour scheduled for Monday.


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