Search for Pajek Family and 4600 miles trip to Poland. Part 3. Exploring Kraków.


Today was our first guided tour of Krakow. Ewa (Eva) was our guide. Our first stop after walking for a bit was Wawel Castle.
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Very impressive site with the towers, chapels, grounds and the infamous fire breathing Dragon!! Walt, Ewa and I climbed the bell tower and for good luck as legend goes we placed our hands on Sigmund’s bell.

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Krakow has many little streets and from the first look one would think that there wasn’t much there but behind one street will be another with many restaurants and shops. Very fun to explore Krakow. From the castle we went to Old Market Square and cloth hall. We toured St. Mary’s church, which like most churches in Krakow, is very elaborate. Amazing feats since it must have been very difficult to build things so many years ago. We also were there at just the right time to hear the trumpeter play.
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>A fireman is in the tower for 24 hours. Each hour he plays 4 times (once from four different windows in the tower). After his 24 hour shift he is off for 48 hours. If you listen in the courtyard it is amazing since the sound echoes off the walls. After 4 hours with Ewa discovering Krakow we had lunch and then started the adventure to find our way to the tram back to the hotel. After going through Florian’s Gate we thought we found the tram but low and behold it was about,  mile away. We are getting our exercise. After finally reaching the hotel we could put our feet up and relax.

Well time to rest up since Tuesday will be more walking!!!


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