Search for Pajek Family and 4600 miles trip to Poland. Part 8. Last meeting with family.

This was our last day in Krakow.

We started out being picked up by Zbigniew and taken to his daughter’s rhythmic gymnastics International competition. There were girls there from Ukraine, United Kindgom, Poland and other countries. It was fun watching the girls perform.

Peggy day 8 7

After  Zbigniew’s daughter was done he drove us back down to Market Square in Krakow. There was some shopping to be done.

Peggy day 8 5

We walked through the market and visited the booths and enjoyed seeing all the food. Walt was finally able to get his kielbasa.

Peggy day 8 4

After buying our souvenirs and gifts we walked around the old market square. We witnessed the protestors in the old market square. They were protesting against the protestors that did not want refugees coming to Poland.

Peggy day 8 6

It was a peaceful gathering. We were meeting Michal and his family for dinner. We made our way to the restaurant and waited for Michael and Ela and their family. We enjoyed a great Polish dinner and filled Michal and Ela in on our trip to Sucha and all that we learned. We would have never been that far had Michal not offered to help me. After dinner we walked back up to old market square. It was very hard to say goodbye to Michal and his family.

This was not a normal vacation where you just pack up your bags and head home. We had made friends here and it was very sad to leave them. I kept telling Michal that I don’t know how I will ever repay him for all that he has done for our family. After many hugs and such we parted our ways. I really wanted to cry but I was able to hold back the tears. We headed to the horse and carriage rides since we had decided to take Julienne back to the hotel  in style.

Peggy day 8 3

As the carriage was going around the square we heard Michal and Ela calling to us for one last wave goodbye. Back at the hotel  it was time to gather our stuff and pack up our suitcases for our journey to Warsaw tomorrow. Zenon will be picking us up at 9 AM

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