Śliwowica Łącka

Sliwowica is a plum brandy, made traditionally in the region of Lacko, in Lesser Poland.

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Sliwowica Lacka bottles. Picture source: http://www.lacko.pl/sliwowica-lacka.html

As per historic sources, the dried plums were produced in this area in Medieval times, and then they were transported by the rivers Dunajec and Wisła, up to Gdańsk, and then from there to many European countries.

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Blooming orchards in Lącko. Picture source: http://www.lacko.pl/wiosna.html

Sliwowica is a very strong brandy,(average 70-80% of pure alcohol) with a very intensive, delicious fruit taste. As the lands around Łącko are rich in fruits, virtually every farmer is known to distill his own brand. However, as producing alcohol outside of the established industrial distilleries is illegal in Poland today, so is the Śliwowica Łącka.

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Fruit-harvesting festival. Picture source: http://www.lacko.pl/swieto-owocobrania.html

Numerous social organizations have been campaigning, unsuccessfully so far, to have this law changed so that the old tradition can be kept alive and cultivated.  A “Fruit-harvesting Festival”, celebrating the Śliwowica, is held annually in Łącko, and during this festival you have the opportunity to taste the many different brands of Sliwowica.

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