Szczawnica: modern spa resort in good, old style.

Szczawnica is a resort town, located about 100 kilometers south-east from Krakow. It is  well-known for being a tourist attraction since the mid-nineteenth century. Due to the presence of sorrel springs and the favorable climatic conditions, many respiratory and digestive tract illnesses are treated there.

Before the war the resort was owned by the Stadnicki family and since 2005 it has returned to the family descendants. Recently they managed to restore its former splendor and elegance.


Wood carved decorations in Szczawnica
Old style sign with the house name.
Old style sign with the house name.
Wooden, decorated villa in Szczawnica.
Wooden, decorated villa in Szczawnica.

Szczawnica is also a great place to admire wooden architecture. It is different than Zakopane. The villas and hotels in Szczawnica are created in Swiss and Tyrolese styles, resembling the resorts in the Alps. The wood carved balconies and galleries, colorfully painted wood decorations and some timber framing are prominent here. Each guest house in Szczawnica has a name, like “Under the Rose”, or “Under the Highlander” or “Under the Squirrell”. The old boards with these names have survived to this day. The town is quite hilly, so you need to climb up and down a little bit. The most attractive places are upper and lower parks, Dietla Square with the oldest and most beautiful resorts buildings.

Szczawnica by night.
Szczawnica by night.

This area is also famous for the Dunajec river raft and two beautiful castles, just a few minutes drive from Szczawnica. You can read more about it here:

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