Karen Ballek Ph.D and Leon Washut (Genealogy Tour and Family & Friends Tour)

All met our expectations. Staying at the Jana in Tarnow enhanced our experience, great art and history. Kasia, was very customer focused and tried to answer our questions and helped us meet our objectives. You did an excellent job, there were no unpleasant surprises. You delivered exactly what you promised. I appreciated the telephone call after we arrived in Poland.

Your preparation and Kasia’s efforts during our tour allowed us to have a wonderful experience. Your suggestion that we include Krynica, was truly appreciated. As we indicated we are completing a book on Polish emigration and our objective was to build on previous visits and to expand our knowledge of Galicia and southern Poland. Kasia made decisions on the spot and obtained access to churches and museums that enhanced our knowledge. She was flexible, enthusiastic and customer focused. We accomplished our objectives and would be comfortable recommending your organization to visitors and those interested in genealogy. It is also our hope that we can continue discussion with you in the event we have additional questions. Finally, we would like to thank you for delivering your services as promised. Both Karen and I send out thanks and best wishes for continued success.