Ken and Mickey Linck (Genealogy Tour)

Lucjan was wonderful! He is part of our family now. Lucjan made the experience very memorable by his knowledge, kindness and enthusiasm – his attention to detail and taking into consideration our short amount of time in Poland. I think we got all that we could out of the trip (due to time constraints) and were well satisfied with both Lucjan and Aga and their professionalism and friendliness. They made us feel at home.

Lucjan is an excellent driver. Preparation was excellent. My biggest trouble was trying to figure out how to use the web site for translation. That was all due to my lack of technological ability….but everyone was great at helping and I finally figured it out – with much patience on your part. 🙂

I would stay longer to do more research.

It was a wonderful trip and I am recommending PolishOrigins to all I know who are interested in research in Poland. And a BIG THANKS to the translators – that was a big part of the whole experience.

It was great?. .keep up the good work.

Thank you so much