Susanne Dudzik (Genealogy Tour)

This was an absolutely an amazing trip. My expectation was that maybe we would get some clues as to possible family members in Poland, but never did I expect to find actual family in the space of an hour or so. I believe Aga’s research on finding the historian within the village is what made meeting our family meetings happen. Aga told us the village priest was not available but she didn’t stop there, she found the historian and the historian was very happy to help us.

Aga was my contact person and she made me feel at ease right away. I never planned a trip like this before so I really needed guidance and I had a lot of questions.

She answered all my questions, gave us her opinion and gave us options and prepared a wonderful trip for us. I know this fantastic trip all began with her. She has a great eye for detail and she kept us informed any time there had to be a change in our itinerary. I began to trust her more and more as the trip was being prepared. I only know English so her ability to write in English was very important in our communications. Her email messages were always very clear and well written. She is the best.

Paweł was wonderful. Because we were so fortunate to meet family, on a few occasions he had to translate when there was a group of people all talking at once! He stayed so calm and didn’t seem overwhelmed at all. I asked him if he was ok and he just said, “yes.”He really made the trip happen for us. We could not have been able to have the wonderful experience we did if it were not for him. He has a great way with people.

This trip has provided me with a lifetime of memories. I loved working with Aga and Paweł. I am thankful for PolishOrigins. They provide a great service to those of us who would like to connect with their heritage.

Susanne’s blog: What we discovered about the Dudziks in Poland.