Geraldine Klosek

Wow, we did it! My two sisters and I (all seniors) traveled to Poland after contacting PolishOrigins and combining the Galicia Tour with two extra days for genealogy research. It was the best thing we ever did together!

Zenon provided us with a wonderful view of Polish life both as it is now and how it was years ago. The final two days of the trip, we spent finding records, visiting relatives, churches, cemeteries and museums in the very area where our grandparents lived. The data and pictures we collected was immense. There is a reason why all the other testimonials hold Zenon in high regard. He was the perfect guide, interpreter, organizer and friend we could have asked for. His choices on this tour showed us magnificent scenery, castles, manor homes, a fun raft ride down a river, shopping and even a folk art festival. Zenon and his “little elves” at PolishOrigins (Aga and Marek) co-ordinated a trip that was a life altering event.

I highly recommend anyone anticipating a trip to Poland to get in touch with PolishOrigins to organize a week or longer trip. Tell them what your looking to do and they will make magic!

Gerre Klosek

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