The Three Sisters Trip. Saturday July 20th.

Great breakfast. The morning meal changes each day so it was always something we looked forward to. Today we went to Dunajec Castle. This was a large castle partly surrounded by a beautiful lake. It was very well reconstructed with a lot of the rooms containing furniture.

2013-07-20 11.19.09
View from Dunajec castle in Niedzica.

Next we were off to our raft ride down the Dunajec River. The ride was smooth, but we were told it is bumpy during certain times. It was the perfect thing to do to relax during our busy trip.

We met up with Zenon at the landing site and proceeded to get more shopping in on the way to the car. Poor Zenon!! Touring with three women! Then it was off to dinner before heading back to the hotel. While we were heading to the restaurant we were privileged to pass a wedding party and saw some of the customs practiced today. Another surprise treat.



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