The Three Sisters Trip. Wednesday July 17th.

Nobility day.  We left the hotel before 9am and headed to Lancut Castle.  We arrived to find a large three story building beautifully decorated, wonderful grounds, a solarium and a carriage house.

2013-07-17 11.45.36
Łańcut Palace.

Our next stop was an old manor house turned into a first class restaurant.

2013-07-17 15.35.43
A manor house turned into a restaurant.

A wonderful place to eat before our next stop – a different manor house museum.

2013-07-17 17.11.59
Manor house in Kopytowa.
2013-07-17 16.39.38
The interior of the manor house.

This was a private museum that Zenon arranged for us to see.  The woman, who is the curator, was very enthusiastic and had stories for all the pieces collected for the house.

Back to the hotel for our nightly snack and cherry vodkas.


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