The Three Sisters Trip. Wednesday July 24th.

Today we would have said goodbye to Zenon, but we hired him for two more nights of genealogical research.

After a quick stop to pick up a Polish dog my sister bought (we are serious shoppers) we were on our way to Nowy Zmidgrod.

We checked in to our hotel after which Zenon and I took a walk over to the Town Hall to find someone who would give us some info for my grandmother’s family.  We found the right person, but had to play the game and Zenon did it well.  She finally gave in and found the right book and he was able to take pictures of the records.

We then picked up my two sisters and went off to Załęże, the area where my grandfather’s family went to church.  This is where we met up again with the couple who ran the website.  They introduced us to their Pastor and another priest from the area and we had a private tour of the church where our ancestors were married, baptized and went to mass.  We were then invited into his home to make copies of all the information he had on file for our family.

We also received an invitation to the house of a relative the next day.  Dinner in a nearby restaurant and off to bed.




  1. I am so loving all the details of your trip but the icing on the cake is the dog! Beautiful! What did you name him/her? Has to be a Polish name.

  2. Hi Sharon, my sister Virginia lived in Poland, teaching English, for a couple of years and she acquired her first two Polish named pups then. That was back in the late 70s. This time she kept the name the owner gave the male dog Pele’ after the soccer player. When she has time she’ll write more about him. He was perfect on the twelve hour flight, not even a peep. She also had to write back and forth a number of times with the breeder before the breeder was comfortable with letting go of the dog, then paperwork on both sides. It was a long process.

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