Tracing the Obiala and Samelko families. Day 3. What a day!!!

What a day!!!!!!! It will live with us forever. After breakfast at the Hotel Herman, we departed for Wloclawek. And went to the archives to do research.  After much persistence by Zenon, the marriage record of Kazimierz Obiala and Agniesta Osielska was found. They were married in Zaduszniki, but did not live there. Therein, was the problem.  Tomorrow we are to go to Mokowo to search for their records.  After checking into the Hotel Aleksander, we all had lunch and relaxed to get ready for our next adventure.

Zdjęcie 7 Samełko

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Again, thru Zenon and his associate’s recommendations, the hotel was first rate with the dining room being beyond words as to décor and service.  The picture shows the building which housed the dining area. Note, the coffee is getting better or we are adjusting to the strength of it.

Pawel Trojanowski arrived at the hotel to take us meet with the Obiala family lining in Wloclawek.  We had made contact with Pawel thru My Heritage Family Tree as a ‘smart match’ with a tree he was doing of the Obiala family. Our grandmother Helena, had a sister named Wladyslawa, and we were to meet with the four daughters, Marianna, Anna, Theresia, and Stanislawa as well as their husbands and some of their children. They were waiting with open arms, and I do mean OPEN, to greet us at the home of Marianna’s son. After all the introductions, and sincere hugging and kissing, we were welcomed into the house to meet the rest of the families. Language was not a barrier thanks to Zenon. They had pictures of their families, such as their mother, Wladyslawa, as well as their grandparents and some of her other children.  The table was prepared and after some refreshments, we all traded stories of each other’s family.

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Teresea and Stanislawa remember getting pictures of Jenny, (our aunt and Theodore’s sister) as well as Adam (our father, Theodore’s brother) being sent to them from the states.  With the advent of the war, the correspondence ceased. Through the years, they often wondered what happened to Helena and her family.  After all the snacking, they ordered pizza, the international food, and we continued to eat, sipped a beer, some wine and tea.  They sang songs, in Polish, of childhood memories and a great reunion was had by all. We ended up spending about 6  hours with them

In parting, Theresia presented us with a book about Poland. Each person present autographed it and Jim and I insisted it be presented to Theodore. After that, each of us was presented a gift to commemorate our visit. If this was not enough, we were invited to Teresea’s and Stanislawa’s houses the following day.  It gets even better, as Pawel is taking the day off from work to take us to various cemeteries, churches the family attended as well  as the old Obiala homestead.

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Videos of Obiala Reunion





  1. Kimberly,
    Are you the daughter of Lori who was married to a Brassard
    What a great surprise to here from you. Please contact me thru Polish Origins

  2. Yes! Lori was my mom. My grandfather had five children…Lois, Linda, Lorean “Lori”, Lynn, and Timothy. I also have five children…my oldest is named after my grandfather…his name is Thomas Samelko. I really enjoyed reading your story!

  3. we are traveling to Poland again this year. going is my daughter and her sons and the Mekailek’s, who is the son of Aunt Alice, Thaddeus and Theodore and my Dad’s sister. Send me your e-mail and we can connect.

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