Tracing the Obiala and Samelko families. Day 4. Zaduszniki. The birthplace of our grandmother.

As usual we started the day with a hearty breakfast. Afterwards we met with Pawel who was going to assist Zenon with directions and take us to places of interest of the Obiala family.  The first stop was at the cemetery where Wladyslawa and Zofia, sisters of our grandmother, are interred with their husbands.  It was a very moving experience as Jim and I placed lit candles at the graves of the deceased.  We purchased them as we entered the cemetery for the streets are lined with vendors selling items to show respect when you visit a relative’s grave.  Also, all the gravesites were very elaborate as to monuments with the flowers and such.

From there we drove to Zaduszniki, the birthplace of our grandmother, and Theodore’s mother, Helena, as well as her brothers and sisters.  We visited the church where the children were baptized and the family attended services.  Unfortunately, the Priest was not available and we could not get inside.

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From there, we drove to Tupadly, where our great-grandmother and family lived when Helena and her father, Antoni, came to the United States in 1912. We were able to visit the actual house where she, Marianna, raised her children.  The daughters last night, remember visiting with ‘Babka’ and spending the night sleeping in the hay loft of the barn as the house was to small for everyone. Pawel pointed out that the property is still owned by the Obiala family to this day.

We then drove to the cemetery where she is buried along with several of her children. It again is a very beautiful setting as it sits on a hill overlooking the river.  After touring more of the countryside, we headed back to Plock to visit with Stanislawa and Theresia.

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Upon our arrival in Plock, we headed to the home of Stanislawa and her husband, Ryszard.  We also were introduced to her son and his wife, Przemyslaw and Anna.

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He spoke a little English and that was very helpful.  Of course, we were fed a delicious meal which consisted of homemade tomato soup with noodles, boiled parsley potatoes, salad, fried pears, pork spareribs with gravy as well as baked chicken legs and thighs.  We don’t know if we look undernourished or what, but it seems like all we are doing is visiting and eating.  We are not complaining in the least bit as everything we tasted has been very good and we are experiencing the true feeling of the Polish household.  After desert and a toast, we exchanged more stories and pictures.  We spent the whole afternoon with them and then returned to the hotel.  Theodore was not able to be with us for this part of the journey as he was ill and had to stay at the hotel.

After a brief rest, and with Theodore along, we headed to the apartment of Theresia, which was only a few blocks from the hotel in Wloclawek. Also present was her husband, Kazimierz, daughter Anna and Mother-In-Law, Jadwina.  You guessed it, we were fed again. This time we had golompkies, the real deal. She served a potato salad like we’ve never tasted before. It had finely diced cabbage as well as small red beans and the usual mayo.  Also she served a tiny sausage with green peppers, onions, kale cabbage and other spices; tasty but very spicy. After dinner the pictures came out and there was more discussion.  We told her we were at the old house and she teared up as it brought back many good memories.  We had to call it a night around 9:30 PM, and with many hugs and kisses we left with many fond memories ourselves.  It has been a eventful trip to date that we can cherish forever.  After this picture, Theodore, in Polish, looked at Jadwina and said ‘she’s my girlfriend.  Look at the next picture, she’s holding tight.

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