Tracing the Obiala and Samelko families. Day 6. Heading to Romany to research the Samełko side

Checking out of the hotel, we bid goodbye to the Obiala side of the family and headed to the Romany area to start a new chapter and research the Samelko’s.  It was about a five hour drive thru the Polish countryside, including the outskirts of Warsaw.  Upon arriving in the small town of Romany, the birthplace of our grandfather, Jan, and Theodore’s father, we went to the church.  Zenon met with the priest and set up an appointment for the next day. He then proceeded to ask around and located a family whose parents cared for Balbina (a sister to Jan) in her later years when she was ill.  They could not answer as how they were related, but felt they were in some way because you do not care for someone that is ill unless they are family.

After some discussion with Zenon and using our family tree, they were able to give us more leads as well as additional names of family members.

Note: This part of Poland is home to storks.  Their nests are everywhere, on roof top chimneys and on utility poles.  They spend the summer and around the middle of August migrate back to Africa.

Zdjęcie 35 Samełko

Zdjęcie 36 Samełko

They then took us to the parish cemetery, were Samelko family members were buried.  We saw the grave of Alexander Samelko (Jan’s brother) and that of his brother-in law.  Both were killed by the German gestapo in WWII.  Also, the grave of Balbina Samelko Malinowska and her husband, Jakub.

Zdjęcie 38 Samełko
Zdjęcie 37 Samełko

We then left for Kiermusy, our lodging for the next three days.  It is a former lodge and is now a bed and breakfast.  It is in a setting in the woods that is very peaceful and relaxing.  Again, breakfast was included daily with our stay.

Zdjęcie 39 Samełko


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