Tyskie Brovarium – Old Tyskie Brewery and Museum

Drive about an hour and a half from Kraków, and you will find one of the most popular Polish breweries: Tyskie brewery. They have been brewing beer for almost 400 years!

Old labels of Tyskie beer

The brewery has an exhibition which includes a 3D movie about the brewery history, an interactive presentation of brewing techniques, which will satisfy all beer experts, and a representative from the brewery will assist you during the tour and will answer all your questions.

Tyskie Brewery. The old part of the complex.

The tour continues in the old part of the complex with its historical buildings. There is also a house, for the “beer tester”, who worked for the brewery in the 19th century. The house was built without any stairs or doorsteps (easy to guess why that was!). There is also a tour of the modern production line and finally the pub, where you can get to digest some of the beer.

Tyskie Brewery. Old buildings and modern tanks.

For people who want to experience more, there are special tours organized during the summer months. These tours include historical reconstructions of the 19th century scenery and costumes, and a different type of tour which takes place at night, with sightseeing and special effects.

See the official museum website: http://www.tyskiebrowarium.pl/en/

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Aga Pawlus
PolishOrigins Team

Pictures: Aga

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