Ukraine. Saturday in Zhitomir


“Dear Friends,

Shalom Sabbath! Today is Saturday and we had silence, which is not unusual and a bit scary. Well not complete silence, in the night was another missile attack on the military base on the outskirts of Zhitomir.

I walked today at Zhytnyi market to buy some food. Many of the little kiosks are closed. Some of the vendors left the city right on the first days of the war and have not shown up since then. My favorite fish kiosk has been closed since Feb 24th.

It was hard to find chicken meat too. The meat market is almost empty. I found only a couple of the vendors who were still open.


Then I decided to walk to Michaylovksa Street. This street is Pedestrian Street with many stores and cafes, restaurants. On an average Saturday this street would be crowded. But today at 1 pm it was empty.

I was lucky and pleasantly surprised to find one café opened. I went in and had a coffee and conversation with the owner. He told me that he would keep it open as long as he can so people could come and feel less stressed.


Tomorrow is Sunday day for church. I wonder if it will be tomorrow.


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