Polish Genealogy – how to find the archive

 How to find the archive that stores the records of your interest

(available for free till October 5, 2020)

In this video you will learn which institutions can store the vital records in Poland and how to locate the relevant archive, which will have the records from the parish of your interest. We will discuss and show you some useful functionalities of the following websites: SzukajwArchiwach, FamilySearch, Geneteka.  Thanks to this video you might be able to find the online scans and  indexes of some records.



Table of contents:
0:000:23 Introduction
0:242:00 Which institutions can store the vital records?
2:014:44 parafie.genealodzy.pl by Polish Genealogical Society
4:458:30 szukajwarchiwach.pl
8:3112:30 familysearch.org
12:3117:29 geneteka.genealodzy.pl
17:3018:51 Other useful features in Geneteka
18:5219:10 Ending
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