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Shellie Gray-Kulawiak with her husband (Genealogy Tour)

July 2009

A scan from Winter 2010 issue of Rodziny, the Journal of Polish Genealogical Society of America, with permission of the editor and the author:



Josephine Welsch (Genealogy Tour)

October 2008

Now about the gentlemen I dealt with in Poland, Mr. Michal Marciniak and Mr. Zenon Znamirowski are two of the best researchers/tour guide/translators that anyone could ever ask for. I met Michal Marciniak when I was searching in 2008 for family in Poland, He is the person who found them all. When Michal was not available for our tour he suggested Zenon Znamirowski and all turned out okay.
They are both young men age 38, married and with children. They are loyal to their wives and I am glad for that.I know about Zenon and his eating habits. He eats A LOT. I don’t know how he can put it all away and still stay slim.  I was amazed at how much he could eat at one sitting.
Michal, I do not know much about his habits, but we were treated with respect. They are two great guys. Zenon took Steve under his wing and helped him on the gravel walks and roads also the cobblestone walks.

Mary Bier Wilson and John Wilson (Genealogy Tour)

July 2008

A year ago, I had Zenon from PolishOrigins.com do some research for me as well a Virtual Tour at the recommendation of a friend from my local Genealogy Society and as most pleased.  Following that, an opportunity arose for me to visit Poland this year (2008) with little time for preparation on my part so, of course, I contacted Zenon with the hope that he would be able to escort us and he was.


Tom Hiland (Genealogy Tour)

October 2006

Zenon’s command of English is very good and was invaluable in communicating with my Polish relatives. He was able to quickly zero in on the Apola’s of Ropica Gorna related on my mother’s side of family, even though they emigrated to the US prior to 1900. He did so with just a few names and references from letters I had from the 1930’s. Coming from a small village himself, made it easy for Zenon to relate to these country folk.


The experience was totally satisfying in large part because of Zenon. Thank you for all your skills!

Tom Hiland
Denver, Colorado
October 2006

Cybulski Brothers (Genealogy Tour)

September 2006

In September 2006,my brother and I fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting Poland , our ancestors homeland. Our visit was made so much more memorable because of Zenon. He was very prompt in responding to my e-mails,and clearly answered all my questions. He picked us up at our hostel at the scheduled date, and time and spent the day with us , driving us to and from Wloclawek , where he made our visit more comfortable with his translation skills. He spoke and understood the English language extremely well , and was very patient with our feeble attempts at Polish(only laughing a few times). We felt as if we were visiting with a friend, and not just another client employing a service. He was very gracious , knowledgeable and went far beyond our expectations in assisting us. I find it hard to believe that anyone would be disappointed using Forefathers Traces Tour offer from PolishOrigins.com .

 I know that my next visit to Poland will be scheduled when Zenon will be available to be with us. (Zenon’s comment – The next two visits already took place and is described in Blog! Click here to read and watch it: http://blog.polishorigins.com/category/james-tour/ )  

James Cybulski
Harpers Ferry , W.V.

Bob Janice and Rhesa Gilliland Janice (Genealogy Tour)

August 2006

My wife and I traveled to Poland in August 2006 for two weeks. The first week was an escorted tour of some of the major cities of Poland and the second week was devoted exclusively to genealogical research of my family.

Several months before the trip I contacted Tadeusz Wysocki of RootsPoland.com and asked if he could accompany us while I looked for my family roots. He responded that he had other commitments at that time but recommended that I contact Zenon of “INPASSA! Polish Origins” for assistance. Zenon graciously agreed to act as our guide and interpreter for the week and our plans were set up.


Nancy Maciolek Blake and James Blake (Genealogy Tour)

June 2004

My husband Jim and I traveled to Poland in late June 2004 on a quest to find records of my Polish ancestors.  Quite by chance, I had corresponded with Zenon, who offered to help me in my search.  He and his cousin Cezary met us in Krakow and we traveled together for three days, each day visiting a different ancestral village.  (You can read my essay about my genealogical research and this trip here: Click here: The Gift of Family)


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