Pawel and Lucjan were both extraordinary!!!! Pawel – with his knowledge of Poland (I was hanging on his every word in expectation of what I was going learn next) and oh – the beautiful places he brought us and Lucjan with his relentless quest to find anything he could of our family history, stopping at nothing and speaking with anyone to help – amazing and brilliant!! And Pawel and Lucjan were just so nice to be with!

We have more information than we did before, and although it would have been great to find some relatives, it was not meant to be. I know that Lucjan absolutely did everything he could, so it is what it is and I am pleased. And it was a very interesting few days!!

Everything was perfect!

I want to thank everyone I dealt with and came in contact with that made this trip one that I will cherish forever. It was everything I envisioned and was as perfect as perfect can be. I knew I did not want to jump on a bus with a lot of other people and ride around Poland. I loved the intimacy of the trip – making it “our trip”. I came to love Poland and its people. There is a precious little island (Star Island) in the Atlantic Ocean about 8 miles east of Portsmouth, NH where I live. There is a tradition and ritual that takes place when people leave the island on the ferry – all the people on the island come down to the dock and as the ferry is pulling away – the people on shore shout out “S_T_A_R – you will return, you will return” and the people on the ferry shout back “We will return, we will return”. As I was sitting on the plane waiting to take off, in my head, I heard all the lovely people I met during my stay say, “You will return, you will return” and I settled into my seat and thought “I will return, I will return.” Thank you for everything!