G.Frederick & Jacqueline

Marek was a first-rate guide: very well-informed and very congenial. We enjoyed talking with him very much.

All our hotels were fine; each one with a different character.  Food, as usual in Poland, was excellent.  We loved the eat-all-you-can breakfasts.  Alas, I’m afraid that that caused me to commit the cardinal sin of gluttony.

We were indeed well informed, and we appreciated the transportation from the airport to the hotel upon arrival.  That certainly made the arrival easy.

We were completely satisfied.

I was especially pleased to be able to visit Zamość and Bełżec, which would
normally be out-of-range for me without a car.

And I must say that I am more than impressed with the thoroughness that you did

in organizing our tour. We saw things and places that we never would have seen in our lifetimes, had we not come across Polish Origins tours.

And especially I want to tell you that I am very grateful that you included a visit to the Pustki military cemetery, which as an historian I found most interesting, and must now read up on the WWI 1915 campaign in Galicia … and particularly I want to commend you on your excellent internet essay on the WWI military cemeteries in Galicia.

And finally my UNESCO book on the wooden churches (together with several booklets that were given to me at the Kubalówka farm) arrived by sea mail yesterday; I sent them from the main post office in Kraków. It / they really are interesting, and impress people here that see them. People here find it hard to believe that wooden churches can be 500 years old!

Best wishes again for Polish Origins